Tracy Ragan, CEO & Co-Founder

Speaker, Innovator, Visionary and Disrupter

Tracy began her odyssey in the area of DevOps long before the term was coined.  In the late 1980’s she consulted Wall Street firms on ways to improve the software build & deploy process through automation. Having begun her programming career as a mainframe developer, she quickly recognized how the new ‘distributed’ datacenter lacked the build and deploy processes that were standard on mainframe systems. In 1995, she co-founded OpenMake Software, a private software company that specializes in the automation of cross platform, and accelerated software builds (compile/link standards).   Her innovation in this area was recognized by IBM, leading her to a board position on the newly formed Eclipse Foundation where she served for 5 years. Tracy has also worked with CA technologies in designing ‘Application Lifecycle’ solutions and presenting at many break-out sessions at CA World since 1997. In 2014, Tracy and her team recognized the shift in pipeline management  that the new container based architecture would require.  This led to the formation of DeployHub, a new product and company focused on bringing microservice configuration mapping, sharing and deployment to high performing development teams.  Ortelius was launched as an open source solution for microservice mapping in early 2019 based on a core of the DeployHub code base.

Tracy speaks at DevOps conference 2 to 3 times per year and is a blog contributor at and She was recently recognized as a Women In Technology (WIT) Honoree for her work in the DevOps area.   You may also find her as an expert panelist on Webinars along with some of her friends at GitHub and CloudBees, or quoted in SD Times articles around DevOps subjects.