Tracy Ragan, CEO & Co-Founder

Speaker, Innovator, Visionary and Disrupter

Tracy is CEO and Co-Founder of DeployHub. She is expert in configuration management and pipeline life cycle practices with a hyper focus on microservices and cloud native architecture. She currently serves as a board member of the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) and the Executive Director of the Ortelius Open Source project for Microservice Management. Tracy is a recognized evangelist in microservices and the continuous delivery pipeline. She is the creator of the Continuous Delivery Foundation Interactive Landscape, a blog contributor for the CDF, recognized by TechBeacon as one of the top 100 DevOps visionaries and speaks at many DevOps events such as CNCF’s KubeCon and CloudBees DevOps World. Tracy is also a DevOps Institute Ambassador and speaks at AWS Marketplace webinar educational events. She is the leader of the New Mexcio CI/CD Foundation Meetups. Prior to DeployHub, Tracy was the COO and co-founder of OpenMake Software, a build acceleration and management tool that is the heart of development for over 400 enterprise development teams. She served on the Eclipse Foundation Board as a founding member from 2004 -2007. Tracy was recognized as a Women In Technology (WIT) Honoree for her work in the DevOps area. You may also find her as an expert panelist on Webinars along with some of her friends at GitLab and CircleCI, or quoted in SD Times articles around DevOps subjects.

Authored Articles:

“DevOps – Time for Developers to Dig In”;, September 2017

“Don’t Throw Out Jenkins for CI Just Yet”;  August, 2017

“Agentless Release Automation for Continuous Delivery”; June 2017

“DevOps – A History Lesson”;, April 2017

“Continuous Delivery Vs. Continuous Deployment”;, June 2017

“Seeking Geek Girls – Exploring the Gender Gap”;IT Chronicles, January 2017

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“Separating Duties to Meet IT Compliance”; Dr. Dobbs Journal, September 2007

“Make your Development Process More Transparent”; Software Test and Performance, January 2006, page 26

Speaking Engagements Viewable Online:

Taking GitOps Automation to the Next Level – KubeCon GitOpsCon

Digital Anarchist – DevOps Unbound – Unburdening Developers Predict 2021 – Keynote Panelist Predict 2021 – Cloud Native Panelist

“A Guide to Cloud Native Continuous Delivery” – AWS Marketplace January 2021

“Three Basic Truths About Microservices” – Global SkillUps Days Festival 2020

“DevOps World 2020 Day 3 Keynote Panel Discussion” 

“Solving Dependency Management in a Microservices Architecture” – JFrog SwampUp 2020

“How to evolve your pipeline for modern architecture” AWS Marketplace Educational Series April 2020

“How to scale Kubernetes in AWS” AWS Marketplace Educational Series, March 2020

“Exploring the CD Landscape to build your ultimate pipeline with Tracy Ragan”, CD Summit – KubeCon 2019

“Pivoting from Monolithic to Microservices”, DevOps World 2019

“Cultural Transformation via Release Automation”, DevOps World 2018

“A State of DevOps Tools: A Primer”;, March 2018

“Increase the Velocity of Your Software Releases”; February 2018

DevOps Chat;, Oct. 2017

Jenkins World Chat Open Source ARA – August 2017

“DevOps and Continuous Delivery”; ITChronicles, Dec. 2016

“Agile Challenges and Solutions”; ExperienceIT, September 2017



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